We Give

We believe in a generous God who gives us time, abilities, and material resources, and who calls us to share these gifts — by addressing the needs of the poor, advocating for the creation of a just society, proclaiming the Good News and promoting peace, and wisely using the natural resources of God’s creation. We participate in the great gift-giving cycle: we receive all things from God; we use and maintain them; we give back to God and to others in gratitude and generosity. We commit to purposeful stewardship as a parish and in our individual lives.

Our fifth core value calls us to a ministry of stewardship. Giving back to God a measure of what we have received involves purposeful commitment. Money is pledged to support the church facilities, its people, its programs, and its outreach ministries. Participation by giving time and using talents enables us to embody our priorities. We strive to embrace with gratitude all that with which God entrusts us, and to understand God’s call in our giving back. We participate in environmental stewardship, caring for God’s gift of creation.

Our formal stewardship structure, which operates year-round, begins with the Stewardship Committee which organizes the pledge drive, solicits assessments of time and talents, and educates the parish about proportional giving. The Finance Committee prepares the yearly budget and keeps track of running expenses. The Treasurer does the day-to-day work of collecting money and paying the bills. The Vestry approves the budget and oversees spending patterns. The Property Committee cares for the buildings and grounds. All of these groups work together to maintain a healthy parish and its programs. Informally, we share our time and personal gifts by attending worship and events, volunteering for programs and committees, caring for each other when needs arise, sharing our talents and encouraging others to try new things, and approving the use of our facilities for community needs.

We endeavor to increase commitment to the parish by teaching faithful stewardship as a way of life, encouraging every person to understand God’s call to us as individuals and as a community.